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cut back on sugar

5 Ways to Get your Kids to Cut Back on Sugar and Candy

Most kids won’t ever turn down a sweet treat, but candy and sugary goodies are not good for them. Over-consumption of white sugars can not only lead to tooth decay needing dental restoration, but can lead to bad eating habits that can result in childhood (or adult) obesity and a life full of health problems…. Read more

cavity fighting power of saliva

The Incredible Cavity Fighting Power of Saliva

A new study published in the Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology showed that saliva is an incredible natural weapon in the fight against cavities and tooth decay. The research was done at MIT and Harvard and found that some components of saliva fight the bacteria that cause cavities called Streptococcus mutans (commonly known as… Read more

healthy holiday snacks for teeth

Holiday Dental Tips

The holiday season is here on beautiful Mercer Island and we want to wish all our patients a happy holiday season. No matter what you celebrate at this time of year, be it a traditional Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule or Festivus, we want you to be safe and enjoy your family at this important time… Read more

teeth grinding at night

Teeth Grinding At Night Puts Your Teeth at Risk

Are You a Night Time Tooth Grinder? We Can Help Teeth grinding at night can occur in both children and adults. This habit is also known as bruxism and is much worse in adulthood. Because children’s mouths are still changing, they may outgrow it where for adults it can be an ongoing problem. If you’ve… Read more

is soda damaging tooth enamel

Could Soft Drinks Be Affecting Tooth Enamel Loss?

Is Your Favorite Soda¬†Affecting Tooth Enamel Loss? On a hot summer day, an ice cold Coke can be just the thing, but you may want to think twice about guzzling it, no matter how enticing it may seem. Did you know that soda and other high acid drinks can permanently damage your teeth and can… Read more

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